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Ben Mandell has written a book called, "Don't Pay Any Flight School More Than $2500 In Advance."  The book is available as a regular publication as well as an e-book.  You can order the book from Here:  PURCHASE BOOK HERE 

 The book contains the three CENSORED sections that we were forced to remove from this website.  It also tells who made us remove those sections.  Any prospective flight school student should have a copy of this book.


If you are a fan of this website, you might notice that three sections have been removed from this website.  The three sections removed were, "The Fake Scholarship Scam" as well as "How The Big Scam Works" and the Aussie Air student section.   We did not remove these sections by our own choice.  We were forced to do it.  If we tell you who did it then those people that did it might get ticked off again and do bad things to us.  Stay tuned folks, it's getting hot again in the flight school training business.

Tennessee Gets Ready to Regulate Flight Schools

During the first quarter of 2012,  State Senator Bill Ketron requested an opinion from the Tennessee Attorney General questioning the legal authority of Tennessee Higher Education Commission (THEC) to regulate flight training schools. 

The Tennessee Attorney General responded with a seven page opinion that provided the Tennessee Higher Education Commission with the authority to regulate flight schools.  This legal authority has been on the books for decades, but was not being enforced.

That opinion is posted here:

Tennesee Attorney General Opinion 12-35

The Attorney General did a great deal of research to formulate this opinion and they absolutely hit the nail squarely on the head.  They understand exactly where Federal regulation starts and stops in this industry. 

Just because the FAA regulates what pilots and flight instructions can and can not do does not mean that the FAA regulates what flight schools can and can not do.

The opinion suggests that all flight schools in Tennessee shall be regulated by the Tennessee Higher Education Commission.  Part 141 flight schools will not have their curriculums regulated; but they will have everything else (including financial requirements, background checks and facilities subject to regulation.

Part 61 flight schools will have their curriculums regulated because the FAA does not regulate PART 61 flight schools. In fact the FAA does not even know who the PART 61 flight schools are because they do not even register or license PART 61 flight schools.

The Tennessee Attorney General opinion specifically excludes anything, within a flight school that the FAA does actually regulate.  However it includes everything the FAA does not regulate.  The FAA does not regulate any consumer issues and has never looked at a financial statement or bank account of any flight school. 

Tennessee has it right.  The regulation in Tennessee with help insure that flight schools are operated by reliable operators that are financially stable and that the student will be protected from losing his tuition.  We hope other states will look at this opinion and realize that they will need to regulate flight schools within their state.  If the other states ignore this issue, then the bad flight school operators will simply set up flight schools in those un-regulated states.

We congratulate the Tennessee Attorney General on seeing though the typical "spin" that has been thrown around in this industry for the past three decades.  

It's past time for this industry to support proper and reasonable flight school regulation that will protect the students from losing their tuition.

Our association has fought for this regulation since 2008 when Jet University students found out, the hard way, that flight schools were not regulated and our tuition was not protected.  We have made great progress in the past four years in helping get good regulation enhanced and established in states like California.  We will continue this fight because it is the right thing to do.

In speaking with various state officials, the comment that we have heard many times is that no one ever thought that flight schools should not be regulated.  The state officials thought that the FAA was actually regulating flight schools. Those state officials took a hands off approach because they thought the FAA had it all under control.  That turned out not to be true and the FAA has specifically declined to regulate consumer issues.

As we have brought this issue to their attention, officials in states like Tennessee are looking at flight schools to insure that they will be properly regulated and student tuition funds are protected.

Almost all states have some sort of post secondary education commission that regulates for profit vocational schools like truck driving schools (which are also subject to much Federal regulation), bartending schools, massage schools and cosmetology schools.  Those same commissions have the ability to regulate flight training schools.

Many states (like Tennessee) already have laws on the books that would cover flight schools, but have not been enforcing those laws because they believe the FAA has been regulating flight schools. 

Current Crude Oil Price For Today


WTI Crude Oil
$97.38 ▲0.19 0.20%
2014.02.05 end-of-day

You have seen this Crude Oil Price on the website for over a year now.  Did you ever wonder why it is here? 

Today, fuel is over 30% of an airlines expense and that expense is still increasing.  In fact it is the airlines biggest expense.  Can you imagine that 30 cents out of each dollar the airline collects goes to cover the cost of fuel?

Do you realize that that big expensive shiny plane you fly costs the airline 2 and 1/2 cents out of each dollar to lease or buy?   Can you see that things are out of whack here?

Airlines spend more on fuel than they do on all of their employees combined.

This expense is not sustainable over a long period.   It's bad for the economy.  It's bad for the consumer.  It's bad for the airline.  It's bad for you.  

Why is it bad for the economy? 

It's bad for the economy because it has caused prices to increase for just about everything over the past 6 years.  The reason for this is because everything we consume or buy has to be made with or transported with oil.  Food prices have increased almost 30% over the past 4 years because of the high cost of energy.

While almost everything has increased in price, over 50% of Americans are making less money today than they were six years ago.  That is the reason we are still in this recession that they tell us we are not in.

Why is it bad for the consumer?

It's bad for the consumer because prices are going up and wages are not.  That gives the consumer less buying power.  If the consumer has to spend an extra $40 a week on fuel; that is $40 not going to the local restaurant, dog groomer or barber.

Why is it bad for the airline?

It's bad for the airline because ticket prices have to be increased at the same time that wages are not increasing.  This means many of our customers are not able to fly simply because the ticket costs have increased and their wages have not.

Why is it bad for you?

In addition to all of the above, it's bad for you because when the airline has to pay more for fuel, they have to get the money from somewhere and that somewhere is often your paycheck.  If the price of fuel would stabilize to a reasonable level, the airlines would not have to come back to the employees for pay cuts or furloughs.  

When will we come out of this mess?

We will not come out of the recession until fuel prices are stabilized to a reasonable level.  In spite of traditional media attempting to sell us that $4.00 a gallon gasoline is "cheap", the fact of the matter is that it is not cheap and it is not sustainable simply because the wages are not there to cover it.

We are all being sold a bill of goods, that makes no sense.  Gas is 18 cents gallon in Venezuela.  In Saudi Arabia gas is 48 cents a gallon.  In Libya gas is 54 cents a gallon.  The media doesn't tell you this.  What the media tells you is that gas is $9 a gallon somewhere in Europe where the government has high gas taxes and people don't buy much gas.

We produce over 50% of our fuel right here in America.  We import most of our fuel from Canada and Mexico.  How did we get to $4 a gallon gas?  I'm not asking for 18 cent gas, but why can't we have $2 gas? 

There's only one reason we are paying this inflated price for fuel.  It is because speculators like JP Morgan Chase bank and many other Wall Street firms drive the price of fuel up.  Why was Chase bank allowed to purchase 150 million barrels of oil from the strategic reserve?  Chase doesn't own any gas stations and the fuel doesn't come out of their ATM machines.

That release of the oil from the strategic reserves was designed to help lower gas prices.  Instead speculators (like Chase) were allowed to purchase the fuel and hold onto that fuel further raising the prices.

Fuel changes hands 27 times before it reaches the fuel tank of your car or your aircraft. Each one of those 27 steps adds a mark up. Let's get the speculation stopped and get fuel prices down to a reasonable level and get this country back on track.

Here is some information for you that explains what is happening with oil speculation:

 Stop Oil Speculation Now

HEAD OF FAA Arrested For DWI

Update:  All charges were dismissed against the former head of the FAA.  Unfortunately the decision came too late for Mr. Babbitt to get his job back.

In one of the most bizarre stories ever to hit the FAA, the guy in charge, Jerome Randolph (Randy) Babbitt was arrested for DWI this past Saturday, December, 3, 2011 at 10:30 p.m.

Babbitt was arrested by the Fairfax City, Virginia  police department around 10:30 p.m..

He was transported to the Fairfax County Adult Detention Center where he was booked in on December 4, 2011.  Babbitt was released the same day.

Police allege Babbitt was driving in the 3900 block of Old Lee Highway (just blocks from the Fairfax Police Department) on the wrong side of the road. 

Keep in mind that Mr. Babbitt has only been charged with a DWI.  He is not convicted of the alleged offense.  As with all persons charged with a crime, he is innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

On Monday, December 05, 2011, Randy Babbitt asked for and was granted a leave of absence from his FAA position. 

Prior to his leave of absence, the pilot work rules (which Congress ordered enacted by August 1, 2011) still have not been enacted at the FAA.  At this time, we still have pilots flying passengers around on airliners that have not received 8 hours of sleep because the work rules have not been enacted.  

We have had a number of air traffic controllers falling asleep this past year and there has not been any change that results in air traffic controllers receiving 8 hours of sleep per night

While nothing has been decided about Mr. Babbitt's future at the FAA, he faces an uphill battle to keep his job.  If a commercial airline pilot receives a DWI, they are usually immediately removed from flying and will remain grounded for about a year.  During this time, they are required to attend a rehab program while they defend their court case.  The DWI will stay recorded on their FAA medical certificate application for the rest of their entire career.

Utah Flight School Owners Arrested After Illegally Taking Thousands of Dollars in Student Tuition

September 15, 2011 

Two and one half years after National Pilot Academy shut down leaving 12 students without their training, three of the owners now face felony charges in Utah.

Defendants Cole Faddis, age 28 and Jarred Faddis, age 30 appeared in 5th District Court, in Utah, along with Jack Robert Trip age 31, this past week seeking a bail reduction.  

Each defendant is charged with 12 counts of communications fraud, 12 counts for unlawful dealing of property by a fiduciary and an umbrella charge accusing them of running a criminal enterprise.  Each is a second-degree felony with a possible prison term of up to 15 years.

National Pilot Academy operated in Utah, Arizona and Florida from August 2006 until March 2009 when the school shut its doors. 

The Faddis brothers registered another flight operation called Skyline Management Services in Lakeland Florida in September 2009.

Here is a link to the Salt Lake Tribune article:


August 2, 2011 One year and one day ago President Obama signed The Airline Administration Extension Act which REQUIRED that the Pilot Fatigue Work Rules would be ENACTED by August 1, 2011 by the FAA.  

Congress had worked on this leglistation for over a year prior to its passage.  In the bill, Congress gave the FAA one year to get their act together and ENACT the work rules.  There was plenty of time to get this important job done.   The FAA did not get the pilot fatique work rules enacted.  The FAA failed in their mandate.

We attempted to contact FAA Admiistrator, Randy Babbitt regarding this important issue.  Mr. Babbitt has not returned our e-mails.  Randy Babbitt is the guy in charge of the FAA and you would figure he would be on top of this considering he has been "telling everyone" for years that pilot fatigue was at the top of his priority list. 

When Mr. Babbitt was sworn in as FAA Administrator, he promised the pilot fatigue work rules would be in place by the end of 2009.  When that didn't happen,  he promised by the spring of 2010.  When spring came,  he promised by the end of 2010.  Then Congress ordered him to have the rules in place by August 1, 2011.  Now Mr. Babbitt has ignored Congress.  Mr. Babbitt can't seem to get things accomplished even after he has promised them over and over again.  Even when Congress orders Mr. Babbitt to do something, he does not do it. 

In all reality the airlines should have been notified, by July 1, 2011 at the latest,  that these work rules would go into effect on August 1, 2011.  After all the FAA had put out copies of the proposed work rules in Septermber of 2010.  The rules had been published in the Federal Register.  The FAA had asked for comments about the new work rules.  The FAA had even put out a press release about these new work rules.  These work rules were no surprise to anyone.

This is a safety issue.  There has been a lot of press lately about FAA air traffic controllers falling asleep during their duty time. 

You don't hear so much about it happening to pilots, but it does.  Pilots are so fatigued and their natural sleep patterns are so disrupted, that they do fall asleep, while flying an aircraft (especially at night) with the gentle hum of the engines putting them to sleep.  While this is never admitted in public; it is a problem.  

Flight attendants have been known to have to wake up all pilots in the cockpit when they can't get an answer on the intercom.  Fellow pilots have had to wake up another pilot that has fallen asleep next to them.  Pilots have had to pull over to the side of the road and go to sleep in their car, just minutes after landing a jet aircraft full of passengers.  They are just too exhausted to drive home because they are so fatigued.  Obviously a pilot that is so exhausted that he can't drive home from the airport should not be flying an airliner in such a fatigued condition.

Why does this happen?  It's really common sense.  Pilots are human beings that need 8 hours of sleep (like the rest of us) in order to function at full capacity.  Sully Sullenberger has testified before Congress that pilots are not getting proper rest and sleep.  Sully testified that many pilots are getting just 3-5 hours of sleep, per night,  because of the work schedules put together by the airlines.  Everyone just assumed pilots were getting 8 hours of sleep.  However under the current work rules, it is just not happening.  The proposed new work rules would insure that pilots have their eight hours of sleep.  

Just like the rest of us, if a pilot does not get enough sleep, how can he be expected to fly and operate a complicated airliner?   Why the FAA, or anyone, or any company would not support pilots being able to have at least 8 hours sleep between flights is difficult to understand. 

ABC News has coverage of the FAA missed work rule deadline here:


All Jet University Students that have completed their ratings are eligible for hire now.

If you are a Jet University student and you have completed your ratings and are not working, please contact us right away.  (Or check your e-mail)  We have opportunities for you to start flying as a paid commercial pilot now.  Please be available to begin indoc classes which start in June.  This position requires a current First Class Medical, Passport and a current ATP written.  

N787HC Has Been Repossessed

Over the past 2 years, many students have asked what happened to Heath Cohen's plane; otherwise known at N787HC. 

We can now report that the 2006 Diamond DA-40 has been repossessed by the bank.  Here is the raw video of the event:

Sudden Windstorm Destroys 50 Aircraft at Sun n Fun

March 31, 2011-Lakeland Florida.  A sudden windstorm around lunchtime today destroyed an estimated 50 aircraft as well as tents, trailers and exhibits at the Sun n Fun fly in.  The show closed early today to allow crews to clean up the campus.  Sun n Fun will open again  on Friday April 1st and run through Sunday April 3rd. has  more coverage of Sun n Fun on the Sun n Fun page.

Jet University Students Meet in Ft Lauderdale

March 25, 2011- Jet University students returned today to Ft Lauderdale for an all day meeting which was held at the facilities of Gulfstream Training Academy.  The aviation training classroom was filled to capacity by the Jet University students.  We started at 10:00 AM and finished up at 7:00 PM.

One student commented that it really felt like we were back at Jet U because the walls at Gulfstream academy were the same color as those at Jet U.  This also extended to the carpet and the floor tile.   The classrooms were very similar right down to the projector and screen.

Attorney, Peter Dee opened the morning with updates from the legal team on the status of the folks that had committed this fraud against the students.

Later the discussions continued as students shared their current status and brought everyone up to date. 

After lunch the topics changed to being prepared for the current hiring going on at the regionals.  There were tips and pointers given to the students so that they will be well prepared because now is the time.  The window is now open for a short period and this is a great time to send out your resume and prepare for an airline interview.

We took a tour of Gulfstream Academy and "played" a bit with the sim.  The folks at Gulfstream were informative and gave a session at the end of the day on the state of the airline industry.


March 15, 2011- Phillip Trenary, who built Pinnacle Airlines into a $1 billion company has resigned as President and CEO and will step down next week.   Here is the video from the local news channel:


This appears to be a non scheduled resignation and would indicate something is wrong from those of us looking in from the outside.   We have more on this story on the Pinnacle Updates link on this website.


ALL FORMER Jet University students have the opportunity to be represented by  the Law Offices of Robert L Parks on a contingency fee basis.  Here is the link to Robert L Parks website:

Law Office of Robert L Parks

Robert L Parks is our lead attorney in the actions against those that have committed this fraud against the students.  If you have signed the client agreement with Robert L Parks Law Office then please refer all collection calls and contacts for your student loans to the law office of Robert L Parks. 

If you are a former Jet University student that did not receive any of your training or did not receive your guaranteed job, and you have not been contacted by the student alumini association then you should immediately contact the attorneys before you lose valuable rights.  If we didn't contact you, then it means we do not have your contact information.

Here is the address:

The Law Offices of Robert L Parks

2121 Ponce De Leon Boulevard, Suite 505

Coral Gables, Florida 33134

Telephone 305-445-4430 

Bill Radcliffe & Barbara Botti mentioned in latest Jet U Lawsuit

On December 6, 2010 in the United States Bankruptcy Court of the Southern District of Florida, Wells Fargo Bank, N.A (Wachovia) filed a 15 page lawsuit against Heath Cohen. 

In paragraph 15 on page 5 of the legal filing, Bill Radciffe and Barbara Botti are mentioned as the employees that provided the information for the fradulent Sim Center /Jet University loan applications. 

 You can read the 15 page lawsuit at this link:


The suit seeks a judgment against Heath Cohen for the tuition loan proceeds that the personally benefitted from.


Flightcrew Member Duty and Rest Requirements-Fatigue Rules

As a result of the Colgan 3407 crash, Congress has mandated that flight crews have the proper rest in order to safely fly passengers in aircraft.  

On September 14, 2010, the FAA posted proposed rules that would allow 9 hours rest  (behind the hotel room door) before a crew would be legal to fly an aircraft on a multi day line.  In effect, this will prevent an airline from controlling a flight crew for more than 13 clock hours in a day.  These rules would go into effect on 08/01/2011.

Currently airlines are able to control a flight crew for up to 18 hours a day using rules and procedures that have flight crews "working off the clock" and not have legitimate work being counted as part of their duty day. 

The proposed rules would guarantee that a pilot would get at least nine hours in their hotel room.  The time that a flight crew spends shutting down an aircraft and getting passengers deplaned would no longer be able to be counted as "crew rest time." 

The time spent walking through the airport and waiting for the crew bus would no longer be counted as "crew rest time."

The time spent traveling on the crew bus to and from the airport would no longer be counted as "crew rest time."

Crews would now be able to get 8 hours of sleep (just like the rest of the workers in the US) before piloting a jet aircraft at 35,000 feet.

The Coalition of Airline Pilots has a link on their website where you can support the new rules and in fact suggest additional changes to improve these rules.  You can send a letter to your senator and to the FAA from the link.  Here is the link:

 Link to Action Alerts

Please take a few minutes to support these important rest rules to provide a safer working environment that will benefit the passengers as well as the flight crews.

We have the complete text of the rules on the 'FATIQUE RULES" page.




Arizona State Board for Private Post Secondary Eduction met on August 26, 2010, in Phoenix, and officially declared over 80% of the flight schools in Arizona to be not for professional career pilot training.




August 26, 2010


In a stunning development, the State of Arizona has declared all Non Part 141 flight schools within its boundaries to be considered “hobby or avocational schools” and not for the career pilot.


This decision was handed down today from the Arizona State Board from the Private Post Secondary Education Board who met in Phoenix to discuss this matter. This board is the regulatory authority in the State of Arizona that oversees and regulates Vocational Education Programs within the state.

The board voted unanimously that all non 141 flight schools are not vocational schools and are not designed for the training of professional pilots. The board declared these non 141 flight schools are designed for the hobbyist that just wants to learn to fly for fun or for a hobby. 



In this landmark ruling, Arizona becomes the first state to declare all non 141 flight schools to not be for the professional career pilot.


This unusual decision will cause problems for 80% of flight schools in Arizona that are not Part 141 flight schools, as those schools are now officially deemed to train only hobby pilots. The board made this decision after determining the non Part 141 flight schools in Arizona teach on a one-on-one basis and not as a professional career program.

We predict parents will not want to send their career minded pilot students to "Hobby Schools."  Flight training is serious business and should be treated as such   

Banks will not be willing to loan student flight training tuition funds to students that attend "Hobby Schools"since the financial and accounting safeguards as well as the tuition protection is not in place.

If the board had found the Arizona flight school were training professional career pilots (as opposed to hobbyists)  as a vocational program then the board would have been forced to establish a tuition trust recovery fund for students that lost money at Arizona flight schools. By declaring these flight schools to be "hobbyist schools" the board will not have to deal with students that have been scammed or treated unfairly in the state of Arizona.  So Arizona flight school students have absolutely no protection if a flight school takes their money and does not provide the training.


At this point in time, we can not recommend any prospective career flight school student attend flight school in Arizona.


At the hearing, testimony was given from a number of professionals involved in the flight training industry that students had been swindled out of their money, when part 141 and other flight schools closed without a state recovery fund in place.

One instructor testified that he worked at Silver State Helicopters and could see this flight school was a scam from the beginning.  He went to the FAA and to every state agency he could find in an effort to get Silver State stopped in Arizona.  He simply was unable to get anyone to stop Silver State while the scam was going on.  In the end 200 Arizona students lost over 14 million dollars at just this one flight school.  If the board had regulated Silver State Helicopters then the flight instructor would have been able to come to this board and they would have been able to get the scam stopped before students lost their money.  In addition there would have been a tuition trust recovery fund in place to allow the students to continue their training.

It is estimated that over 34 million dollars has been lost by flight school students in Arizona over the past 4 years to flight schools that did not deliver the training they contracted for.


One gentlemen at the hearing was a part time DPE and full time airline pilot based in Phoenix and he agreed with the board's ruling and stated that students should “do their homework” so that they do not lose any money and “regulation is not necessary."


So career flight school students, do your homework and avoid Arizona flight schools at all costs!


Flight schools for professional career pilots as well as "hobby pilots", are currently regulated in California, Colorado and Utah. Your tuition is protected in those regulated states. In fact Utah was the only state that refunded students (from the tuition recovery fund) of Silver State Helicopters when the school suddenly shut down all 32 locations in February of 2008.

Jet University Sucks on AVWeb

AVWebs ran a story in their blog on August 4, 2010 and mentioned us.

Here is the link to the story:



JULY 06, 2010, US Federal Courthouse, Ft Lauderdale, Florida.  Heath Cohen arrived for his Creditors Meeting on time, making the 2:30 PM deadline.  

Almost 2 dozen Jet University students were in attendance as we watched Captain Cohen raise his right hand and certify, under oath, to the trustee that his Chapter 7 Bankruptcy petition was true and correct.  

In the hearing room were two posters on the wall stating that Bankruptcy Fraud was a serious crime and is investigated by the FBI.

The "true and correct" would shortly become "not true and correct" as the Captain started to be questioned by the student representative and the attorney.  

Heath had certified, to the Bankruptcy Trustee, minutes earlier that he had acquired the DA 40, 787HC in May of 2008 for $330,000.  That acquisition date soon changed as Mr. Cohen was forced to admit that he had actually acquired the aircraft in March of 2007 which is 14 months earlier than he had previously testified to.  This is important because it means that 14 more payments were made on the aircraft and this will have reduced the principal balance remaining.  He claimed his payment to be $2800 per month under oath.  The trustee ordered Mr. Cohen to turn over all books and records that relate to this aircraft as well as any other aircraft Mr. Cohen has been involved with over the past 4 years.

Mr. Cohen testified under oath that Aussie Air owes him money and has gone out of business.  Upon further examination by the student representative, Mr. Cohen admitted that Aussie Air had paid him $4000 in 2010 which he claimed to be rental for the aircraft.  The student representative then asked why that $4000 was not listed as income on the bankruptcy petition.  Heath answered that he wired the money to make the plane payment.  The trustee indicated this "sounds like" unreported income.

In further questioning by the student representative, Mr. Cohen admitted that he had collected cash for the 36 dorm rentals at Jet University.  The list price of the dorms was $700 per month, but Mr. Cohen offered a cash discount of $50 off per month if a student paid cash.   $650 times 37 dorms equals a possible $23,400 per month in cash collected by Mr. Cohen.  Mr. Cohen indicated that he deposited the cash into the Jet University bank account.  The trustee then asked for copies of the Jet University bank statements to verify the cash deposits.  

Our investigation indicates that this cash ($280,800.00 per year) may not have made it to the bank.  If the dorm cash did not make it to the bank then Mr. Cohen has three other possible problems as listed below:

1. Possible  Bankruptcy Fraud for not reporting the cash as income on the Chapter 7 petition for  2008 and 2009.

2. Possible perjury for representing to the trustee that the cash was deposited into the bank.

3. Possible tax evasion if these cash amounts were not reported on Mr. Cohen's income tax return. 

These three issues listed above are CRIMINAL CHARGES and can lead to prison time if Mr. Cohen is found guilty.  Remember all suspects are presumed innocent unless found guilty by a court of law.


Because of the issues listed above the trustee did recommend that we schedule a detailed financial deposition of Mr. Cohen.  This will allow us to take as much time as we need to verify Mr. Cohen's financial details.

It is important to note that when a person files bankruptcy, all parts of that bankruptcy can be examined by the trustee, creditors and the FBI.  




JUNE 7, 2010.  Sacramento, California. Students from Jet University testified before the California Bureau of Post Secondary School Commission today.

The Jet University Student Alumni Association was the only organization present at the hearing that exclusively represents flight school students.

We were able to place in the record that THIRTY SIX MILLION DOLLARS has been lost by California flight school students over the last four (4) years to  California flight schools that took the money and did not provide the flight training.

The association has taken the position that flight school tuition paid in advance must be protected so that a flight school student will not pay for services and training that he does not receive.

California has established a tuition recovery fund, going forward, to protect advance paid tuition for most trade and vocational schools including flight schools.

Flight schools in California have until August 5, 2010 to get their applications and registration fees into the bureau. 


A Jet University Student Testifying Before the Bureau of Post Secondary School Commission in Sacramento, California on June 07, 2010.

 Photo of the Bureau of Post Secondary Education Hearing in Sacramento, California on June 07, 2010.


05/25/10.  At 2:31 PM EST today, Heath Cohen, owner of Jet University, filed a personal Bankruptcy case under Chapter 7 of the United States Bankruptcy Code in the Southern District of Florida. 

The case number is 10-24416-RBR. 

The Judge is Raymond B. Ray.

It is not clear how this bankruptcy filing will affect the pending fraud suit against Mr. Cohen and Jet University, Inc that was filed this past December 29th in Palm Beach County.

Sources tell us that fraud actions are not usually dischargable in Bankruptcy Court. 

However there is an automatic stay that will prevent the fraud suit, against Mr. Cohen, from continuing until the Bankruptcy Court gives a release of stay or takes up the fraud matter in Bankruptcy Court. 

Sources tell us that the stay could be lifted in as little as 30 days.

Mr Cohen returns to the Jet University Building again

02/20/2009.  Heath Brandon Cohen arrived at the former Jet University building today just after 12:15 PM.  This is unusual since he is normally at the Valero Gas Station until 1:30 PM or so.  So something must have gotten his attention.  Maybe it was the "flight school flea market" set up in front of the school this past weekend.  See the AUSSIE AIR STUDENT PAGE for more information.  We understand that Aussie Air has been given until this Wednesday to vacate the building by the building's landlord Sheltaire.


Heath Brandon Cohen, Henry George, Jet University and Simcenter, Inc were served with 2 counts of alleged Fraud in a civil suit filed in Palm Beach County on December 28, 2009 by Wachovia Bank.

The complaint alleges that that Jet University was not qualified to receive Wachovia tuition funds and that students did not receive their complete flight training.  

Furthermore, the suit alleges that Sim Center and Jet University knowingly used false applications and misrepresented to the bank that Jet University students would be attending SimCenter, Inc. 

The suit claims the Defendants compounded their fraud by concealing an agreement to divide the tuition funds between Sim Center and Jet University.  Here is the link to the civil action.


Sim Center, Inc is a flight training school in Miami owned by Henry George that had been approved to receive Wachovia loans for students that were actually enrolled there.  


Here is a link to the story written by AVSTOP.COM:




That building just keeps drawing them back!  Heath Cohen now has his plane parked at the back of the former Jet University building that is now occupied by Aussie Air.  Here is a picture of the plane:

 787HC appears to be in leaseback to Aussie Air.  


11/06/09.  Sporting a shiny new set of wheels, with a full tank of VALERO High Octane Gas, Heath Cohen returned to the former Jet University Campus a little after 4:30 PM today.  He parked in the space just one space away from his former beloved parking spot. 

Here is a picture of the new Acura:


If you go to the "WHERE ARE THEY NOW PAGE" we have uploaded some new pictures of Mr. Cohens new ride at the Valero gas station, deli, taxi stand, hand car wash and used car sales. 



According to sources, Mr. Cohen met with Mr. Luis Martinez for several hours while they discussed the ups and downs of the flight school business.  Mr. Cohen departed the school around 8 PM sporting Florida license tag number 012 WMF.  There is something about that building that draws them back! 

We have additional information that Mr. Cohen has actually been by the school several times over the past few weeks.  He is apparantly coaching Mr. Luis Vargas Martinez on the finer points of operating a flight school.  He seems to be really hung up on making sure the students are wearing their pilot uniforms while in school. 

Here's a big welcome back to you Heath Cohen from all of us here at!


There is just something about that building!  You know the one pictured below that Jet University used to be located at.  A flight school that went out of business in Daytona has moved into the building and appears to have started a questionable flight training program all over again.  See the Aussie Air Students Page for details. 


Jet University President and Founder, Heath Brandon Cohen, has purchased (with a partner) The Fantasy Lounge in Ft Lauderdale. Please look at the "FANTASY LOUNGE-ALL NUDE"page for more details.



05/09/09  CBS NEWS Channel 4 showed up to interview the students of the now defunct Jet University in Ft Lauderdale, Florida.

Click this link to the CBS NEWS 4 Story plus the video

Click this link for the CBS NEWS 4 Video Only

05/08/09.  Jet University has shut their doors and is out of business.  Heath Cohen is nowhere to be found and he has left Gary stuck with dealing with this disaster.  

When the school closed there were between 20-30 students living in the dorms at Jet University that will not be able to finish their flight training at the school. 

A total of 126 Jet University Students are affected and have not been provided the contracted training or received the guaranteed jobs they were promised. 

We are also starting to hear from additional Jet University students that paid for their training but have not started or completed that training.  Some of these "phantom" students signed up as early at 2006.



Are you a student considering a flight school?

Are you a student considering a flight school. Do you want to avoid the type of problems the Jet University students went through? 

We have a number of Jet University students that will help you check out your prospective flight school so that you won't make the same mistakes we did. 

Learn from our experience.   Would you like some help? 

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Tell us who you are and the flight school you are considering as well as the ratings you are looking for.

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 This is the Jet University Advertising from YouTube that the students were shown prior to enrolling. Do you remember getting excited about this video?


We recently heard from DAVE MARCUM (the student in the video above) about his experiences with Jet University.  DAVE was not able to finish at Jet University because it was represented to him that the school was PART 141 VA approved when he began on 03/12/2007.

This false representation was continued by Jet University for 8 months while Dave waited for his VA money to kick in.  It never did.  Dave left in October of 2007 (with just a Private) and went to another flight school, near his home in California,  because he was not able to use his VA benefits at JET U. 

This is because JetU is not a PART 141 school and has never been VA approved.  Needless to say DAVE is not happy with Jet U these days and would not make another commercial promoting them

Dave tells us that he was charged $40,000 by Jet U to receive his private in addition to the living expenses during the 8 months he was at Jet U.

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